For me, art is a form of self-expression, in a quite positive sense. To carry the deepest inner to the outside, to give free rein to thoughts and feelings and to unite them on the canvas into an emotional pictorial world, that is the function of my art. It is a mirror of my soul.

Recognizing and grasping this also requires a certain sensitivity of the viewer and the willingness to engage with it. If this happens, art can be very moving and give the viewer unique experiences.


Timeless are the ideas that arise in my mind and in the minds of many other artists and are processed into works of art. Of course, all artists who live and work in a certain period of time are shaped by similar things.

Looking back, you will look at our art and notice certain parallels, because we are all driven and influenced by the time in which we live. For me, however, thoughts and feelings are time-independent. Every feeling has a beginning, an origin, but no end. It persists, it is timeless.


Painting can be moving in a variety of ways. While the depiction of a physical-dynamic act sets a painting in motion and breathes life into it, painting can also move mentally and emotionally through colors and forms. This is much more difficult for painting than, for example, for music.

But that's exactly what I want to achieve through my artwork. I want to create living art that unites and transports dynamics and emotion. For me, art is not just an ornament, but an experience for all the senses.






Oil paintings









A pad and a pencil - that's all it took several years ago to ignite the fire that had been burning inside me ever since I could remember. I was lucky that my parents recognized and encouraged the passion for artistic creation in me early on.  The works I create today are shaped by all the experiences I have had throughout my life. Of love and grief, of separation and union, of friendship and family. My paintings tell my story, and they themselves also write new stories in the imagination of the viewer.


Adrian Arnautu Knorr

Born on 20.02.1955 in Brasov / Romania


1970 - 1974 Studied at the "Belle Arte", High School of Music and Fine Arts in Brasov / Braşov, Romania in the subjects of painting, sculpture and graphic arts. The last two years in the class of sculpture with Mihai Dan.


Move to the Federal Republic of Germany


Since 1986 I live and work in Gosheim / Baden-Wuerttemberg


Graduation as a master dental technician



Various collective and individual exhibitions in the country

Collective exhibition Erlangen 2015 | Collective exhibition Nuremberg 2016
Solo exhibition Rottweil 2011 | Solo exhibition Tuningen 2012

Various collective and individual exhibitions abroad

Exhibitions Naples 2005 | Geneva 2006 | Mexico 2006 | Civitella d'Agliano 2007
Solo exhibition Bredevoort / NL 2016

Member of the Association of Free International Artists "Free International Artists"

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Art is not the bread,
but it is the wine of life.

Jean Paul

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